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We were born and will always remain in Italy. The quality of our product is the result of our commitment, knowledge and experience of those who work for us.

Material quality

Over the years we have skimmed, tested and chosen the best materials, according to specific characteristics that make our chimney systems safe, reliable and enduring.
Moreover, we have introduced a system for the verification of the finished product quality: shininess, the presence of scratches or dents, in addition to the physical characteristics of malleability and resistance to corrosion.

Customer services

We start from the idea and we find the solution.
This is our way of working in the company and it is also the way we deal with our customers.
The customer sends us a sketch of the building and our technical department provides him the project, recommends the product to use and calculates the dimensioning.
In case of problems with the installation we also provide an after-sales service and, if necessary, we also carry out on-site inspections..

Recently we have also created an online configurator, which can be easily used for the dimensioning of all systems with Apros products.

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