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The TRIO system is an insulated triple wall chimney for smoke extraction and combustive air intake for appliances with sealed chamber, fueled by wood and pellet. It is ideal for passive houses.

The TRIO system is a 3-pipes-system:

− The stainless steel 316L internal pipe 0,5 mm thickness is used for combustion smoke extraction. The insulation is mineral wool 30 mm thickness between inner and intermediate pipe.

− The stainless steel of the intermediate pipe serves as a protection of the insulating material. The air gap between the intermediate and the outer pipe is of 30 mm thickness.

− The stainless steel of outer pipe ensures the air inlet, which is necessary for the combustion of the appliance. It is available from diameter 80 to 180 mm (inner wall) and from 200 to 300 mm (outer wall).


Why should you use TRIO?

− To improve the performance of the stove.
It is proven that the performance of the wood stove changes from 80% with a double wall chimney to 90% with a triple wall chimney. It depends on the stove of course, but in any case there is a considerable increase of the efficiency and, thus, a significant energy saving potential.

− Maximum safety in the room where the stove is.
The temperature of the outer wall of TRIO remains very low, so there is no risk to get burnt if someone accidentally leans on it.

− Maximum safety in case of soot fire.
TRIO strong point is safety: should a soot fire occur inside the system, with an inner temperature of 1000°C for a period of 30 minutes, the maximum temperature of the outer wall will only be 100 °C, that is three times lower than the external temperature of a double wall chimney.

− A system for the future.
The system is W and V2certified, therefore suitable for wet conditions and resistant to corrosion. These features are very important to make even the most efficient stoves functioning at low temperatures work perfectly.

− Maximum safety in case of backdraught.
In case of backdraught due to strong wind, or in case of chimney systems installed under the roof ridge, or irregularly working stove, the fumes will never reach the house but will remain inside the chimney system to be evacuated through the air gap between the intermediate and the outer wall of the pipe.

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