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Connecting flue pipes for indoor, made of stainless steel AISI 316L of 0,5 mm thickness.

All products are manufactured by automatic processes such as:

− calendering : from coils to finished pipe
− longitudinal laser beam welding
− robotic tig welding of bends
− female connection with particular “click-clack” system, exclusively from diameter 80 to 200 included, for easy and quick installations.

The connecting flue pipes for appliances fuelled by solid and/or liquid fuels can reach a working temperature up to 200°C by using silicone gaskets (supplied up to diameter 180 included).

Dynamic One is used for smoke extraction in dry or wet working conditions, with negative pressure N1 40 Pa (without gasket) or with positive pressure P1 200 Pa (with gasket).

The whole range is V2 tested, therefore it is resistant to corrosion. It is available from diameter 80 to 400 mm.

Available finishings:


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