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Installation of Chimney systems and related Documents to provide

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-Elements in a biomass plant
-Relevant legislation
-The correct matching between appliance and chimney
-Designation and CE marking
-UNI 10683/12 Regulation
-Smoke plate
-Biomass and energy saving
-Clean combustion
-The chimney in human history
-The chimney as a heat engine
-The various types of constructions
-Product Standards: CE marking and UNI EN 1443
-UNI EN 1856 designation for metal chimney systems
-Installation rules: UNI TS 11278/08 and UNI 10683/12
-The laying of an external fireplace
-Pipes and chimney solutions for an existing fireplace and the elements for calculating the safety distance from combustible materials
-Technical instructions during installing operations.
-Multiple pipe installation according to UNI 10683/12
-Post-installation check list and documentation to be provided at the end
-Instructions to correctly fill out plant booklet.


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